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Submitted on
November 28, 2012


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  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: The Internetz
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
1. Where did you grow up? Jackson, Ohio.
2. How many houses have you lived in? One.
3. How old are you? 13.
4. How many best friends do you have? 3.
5. Who is that one friend that is above all your other friends? Josh. :D
6. Have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes.
7. Do you have any current (in real life) crushes? Somewhat?
8. Do you have any current (on the Internet) crushes? Yes.
9. Have you ever had a long-distance relationship? No.
10. What are your thoughts on long-distance relationships, and would you ever consider having one? My thoughts on long-distance relationships is that never get involved in one unless you are willing to fully commit. I've never been in a long-distance relationship, but it's obviously not going to be an easy thing, especially WHEN it gets and IF it gets serious. I can imagine that trust issues would be a huge problem. But all in all, I would be all for a long-distance relationship if I really, really, *REALLY* like the person. Something that would help me go for it is if the person didn't live on the other side of the world lol. At least no more than 10 hours at the most.
11. Do you like video games? No. I LOVE video games. c:
12. What is your all-time favorite movie? Silent Hill Revelation.
13. If you could visit any where for a whole week, where would you visit? New York.
14. If you could live any where for how ever long you wanted, where would you live? New York.
15. What is your dream car that you would love to have when you get your drivers license? 1970 Chevell SS.
16. What attracts you to guys? If he's not a jerk, doesn't totally stalk me, doesn't like girls only for their body/face, has a personality that I love, can tell when something IS wrong even if I tell him everything's OK, makes me laugh a lot, doesn't care to still act like a boyfriend around people and can accomplish some of this or all of this while still feeling like my best friend, there's a 100% chance that I would date him.
17. What attracts you to girls? If she does all of the above for what I said about guys, there's a 100% chance I would date her.
18. What is your all-time favorite video game? Black ops II.
19. What would make to be the perfect date in your eyes? Something that wasn't totally planned out, something that kind of just falls into place as the day goes on.
20. What is your biggest phobia/fear(s)? Bugs, dark large rooms or being outside in a setting like woods at night, extreme heights, oceans, someone holding two people that I care about at gun point and making me choose who lives and who doesn't, loosing contact with my "internet family", oh, and did I mention BUGS? D:
21. Do you often feel like your friends find you weird when you're being yourself? ALL the time.
22. What is your biggest regret? Not paying enough attention to my recently passed dog and guinea pig...
23. What is the best decision you've ever made? Getting a Steam account. ♥
24. Who is your all-time favorite Youtuber? JennaMarbles.
25. What Youtuber do you hate the most? FUCKING "SPOKENREASONS". Don't even get me started on that cock sucking stupid ass looking douche bag licker.
26. What YouTube video do you hate the most? "THE TRAMP STAMP" by "SpokenReasons".
27. What is your all-time favorite song? Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen.
28. Who is your all-time favorite band/singer? Def Leppard.
29. If you could change anything about your life (not something that is on your body), what would you change and why? Where I live, because I'm sick of the people that live here.
30. Did you answer all of these questions COMPLETELY truthfully? Yes.
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well its quite funny cos my names josh
MorganWasHeree Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
yh little bit funny mostly scary
MorganWasHeree Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
no worries lol it's a different josh
thats but now u know to josh`s :)
MorganWasHeree Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
cool :3
well u dont need to flatter me my lovely :)
Liking 11, 18 and 24...cause their all the same for me XD funny stuff
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